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Ben by Jeremy Wallace

What is it like to work with our custom designer?

Consult & Measure

by Jeremy Wallace

To begin, our custom designer will schedule an appointment at a place of your choosing. They will want to find out more information regarding your budget, profession and style, as well as your current wardrobe situation so that they can select the best fabric and fit to suit your lifestyle.

The next step is what we like to call our pattern making session. This step includes measurements, photos and notes that will be sent to our master tailor so that he can fully understand how to create your custom pattern.

Each and every person has a unique pattern, which our master tailor will create once he receives all of your information. Our goal is to craft the best quality garments that are unique to your profile and specifications for a natural, effortless fit.


by Jeremy Wallace

With an unlimited fabric selection from the best mills across the world and countless personalization choices, our custom designer will help you in creating the wardrobe of your dreams.


by Jeremy Wallace

Once it is time for our master tailors to go to work, they will have everything they need to create your custom pattern. This information will be kept in your personal file and will be referred to each and every time a custom garment is crafted for you.


by Jeremy Wallace

At Ben by Jeremy Wallace, we know that the waiting process can be the hardest part for our clients given that they want to see the final product as soon as possible. While we appreciate your desire to see the finished product we know that you appreciate the fact that all of our garments are handmade with the finest attention to detail by our master tailors in Montreal and are never rushed out of the shop.

On occasion there are adjustments to be made which is why our custom designer will hand deliver all of your custom pieces to your place of choice. If there are slight changes to be made, we will note these changes in both our custom pattern and garment and we will bring them to our local, qualified tailors and then re-deliver the garments to you.